Sunday, July 15, 2007

Festa Italiana

Last Sunday I went to the annual Festa Italiana in Washington, D.C. It was pretty good this year. Last year the food lines were very long and it seemed a bit disorganized but this year things ran more smoothly. It was great to see friends again I hadn't seen in a while and of course I had a cannolo - bad Joe! More photos can be seen here.

A Party in Honor of My Mom

My mom came to visit from Italy for the first time in nine years. This is my mom. We decided to throw her a party and invited everyone we knew. Lots of people came and they all fell in love with my mom. She stayed for three weeks and we visited our relatives in New York City and also visited Richmond. My mom had said a few times that this would probably be the last time she could come now that she's older but she had such a blast and made so many friends that she's planning on returning in 2 years! Thanks to everyone for making her feel so welcome!

One of My Favorite Places in the World

Hi, all!! I thought I'd show you one of my favorite places in the world - Casina, Italy, where my mom and sister live. I visit them there once a year or so, and it's a tranquil place. Walking up and down those hills is a real workout but it's such a pleasure that I don't mind at all.

Do We Look Good or What?

Here we are at a TOPS convention a couple of months ago, where Ivana was crowned a queen and I was 2nd place for men's weight loss in my division in the State. We look pretty good, huh? Ivana has reached her goal weight and has since actually become even lighter. I have more to go but I feel great!

My Birthday Party

So we decided to do a birthday party for me this year because I turned 47 (June 25) and this is a prime number. Heck, any excuse is a good one for a party! We had a bunch of friends come over and celebrate. It was a beautiful day so we were able to accommodate most people in our backyard. To see more photos, click here.