Sunday, March 16, 2008

Minneapolis Greetings

I arrived in Minneapolis, where I will stay until this evening when my colleagues arrive and we drive to Rochester. The airport is wonderful, very easy to navigate and with a great light rail system that goes downtown or to the Mall of America with lots of stops in between for only $1.50. I'll be heading to the Mall of America where I will have lunch with a friend today and wait out the day.

I found it interesting that the first thing with which Minneapolis greets visitors is the cemetery. Not necessarily very comforting to know that they feel the need to keep the cemetery so close to the airport!

Guy on a Plane

This week I'm in Rochester, Minnesota again. On today's flight to Minneapolis from DC, which was quite full, I was sitting in the window seat. The man sitting in the middle seat next to me pulled out his laptop, which was so big that it encroached quite a bit into my personal space once he opened it and started working on it. It was quite easy to see what he was doing on it and quite hard to avert my eyes considering how it was practically right in front of me.

He was writing a to-do list. The first item on the list?

Search for a bride. Find her by Dec. 2008.

After that:

Obtain perfect health
Minimum talking
Prepare a perfect press kit.

Overall, I was impressed! That's quite an ambitious to-do list!