Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Italian Meetup

These were made with my phone camera because I forgot my real camera, so they're a bit blurry and rough. We welcomed Raju and his wife Annalisa and son Tomas to our meetup!

Click here for more photos from this meetup.

More of my sister's carved stone art

My sister carves art into stone. These are some of her latest works. She and mom live in Italy, where her works are highly prized. She's been interviewed on TV, been written up in magazines and newspapers, and is constantly being asked to exhibit her art around Europe, including in castles.

The first stone has Spanish written on it and was donated to a charity in Peru.

The others are practical but beautiful pencil and knife holders.

More Coffee Art from Artist Diana

Remember my entry on coffee art in Italy? My new friend Diana there made a smiley face in the coffee.

See that entry here.

My sister just sent me new artwork from Diana. That's her in the last pic. You can see her even better in my November entry.

Pretty cool, huh? Diana rules!