Friday, July 27, 2007

Dallas Guns

I don't know, I just found this sign to be funny and sad at the same time. Notice the word unlicensed. Are unlicensed firearms such a problem in a state where it's easy to license a gun? No problem going in with a gun and holding up the place if you're licensed though!

The Brady campaign gives Texas a D- on gun laws. My own state, Virginia, gets a C-, nothing to brag about, though 32 out of our 50 states get a D or F rating, so we're in the top 18!

I am not anti-gun, just pro-common-sense.

Washington D.C. is Blurry But Wierdly Beautiful

Here I am landing late last night at Washington D.C. National Airport. I took this picture from outside my window. You can see the wing on the left and we are just about to land. Looks pretty cool, I think! Click it to make it bigger. Is this a work of art or not? OK, probably not, but it's still pretty.

Dallas Likes Cowboys

Even in the airport, there are homages to cowboys. They are suspended in midair and are midway through roping steer. Dallas really seems fascinated by cows and bulls and cowboys. You know, if Dallas ever gets a professional football team, they should probably name them The Cowboys. Just a thought!