Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mom is Making Great Strides Back to Health!

Guess who called me today? My mom!! Well, it was my sister at mom's hospital bedside, but this was the first time that mom was able to express a desire to talk with me. I understood most of what she said and she knew who I was I'm sure.

It's hard to believe but mom is getting better every day! She now recognizes my sister most of the time, she is eating again, and soon she is ready to start walking again! I am returning to visit her for another three weeks Sept. 23rd and hope she continues to improve between now and then.

My sister and I communicate every day and the stories she tells me of her conversations with mom are incredible! We couldn't make this stuff up!

For instance, here are some tidbits from the last few days. If you haven't already read my entry from August 27th, go back and read that one first so that this will make sense to you!

  1. In the last few days, mom has recognized my sister just fine but today once again did not. My sister tried several things but mom kept saying to her that she was appreciative of her kindness but her daughter would come visit soon. Finally, in an act of desperation, my sister pulled out her ID and showed it to her. My mom looked at the ID, then at my sister, then back at the ID, then exclaimed,

    Oh, figlia mia! Perdonami, questa malattia mi ha impedito di riconoscerti!

    which means "Oh, my daughter! Forgive me, this disease has caused me not to recognize you!" She then extended her arms to hug my sister and my sister cried from joy and relief.

  2. "Mom, do you remember when Joe was here?"

    "Joe was here? When? How long was he here? How many times did he come visit?"

    "He was here for three weeks and came to see you every day!"

    "Oh, my, I only remember him coming once and I wasn't even sure about that!"

    "Yes, and he's coming back soon to see you again!"

  3. Mom: "What month is this? June?"

    "No, mom, it's September 3rd."

    "That's not possible. How long have I been sick? At least a year, right?"

    "No,mom, a little more than two months."

    "No, that's not possible, it's at least a year! I don't know if I'll be able to return home. After all, I'm already 83 years old."

    "No, mom, you will be 73 at the end of the year."

    "How is that possible? I was born in 1935, so I'm 83!"

    "Look, mom, let's subtract it on paper. 2008 - 1935 = 73."

    "Wow...I had no idea I was that young! I feel as if I were 100 years old! Hey, if I'm only 73 then I can still get better!"

    "Yes, mom, but you have to promise me that you're going to start to eat and slowly start to walk again."

    "Yes, I promise you I will."

  4. "Mom, a lot of people have come to see you. Alessandro came again yesterday, but you were sleeping and we didn't want to wake you."

    "Alessandro? My nephew?"

    "Yes, he came all the way from Savona, at least three times now in the last couple of months."

    "Especially for me? You should have woken me! Poor boy! How good he was to come visit me. Tell him I'm sorry."

    "Others have come too. Chiara, Emanuele, Paola twice, aunt and uncle. But you were to ill during that time."

    "Darn this head of mine! All these people came and I don't remember anything!"

Defiant Leaf Stands Up to Gravity and Wind!

It's a little out of focus, but you can clearly see here a fallen leaf that has decided to stay upright, erect, vertical! No lying down on the job for this leaf.

Imagine trying to make this leaf stand would be very difficult or impossible! But on its own, propping itself with a tiny tendril, it is standing straight up, at least until wind, gravity or a kid on the bike ends its reach for the sky!

Car Park or Park of Cars?

It was a pretty day when I woke up so I thought I'd get a little exercise in and get a good hard walk in at the park. When I drove there, there was only one parking place left! When I got out of my minivan, I saw that I was in good company. Almost every other car there was either a minivan or an SUV! No wonder: walking into the park, I saw nothing but young moms and their little kids. Yep, families in America use family vehicles!

Which one of these minvans is mine? I"m not telling!

Wet Web

I found this next to my fence when I went out one morning to walk my dog. Sometimes we see spider webs on the grass. I guess they're the ones built by lazy spiders who don't like to climb too high!

On this day, which followed a night of rain, it was interesting to see how the water beaded up on the web. Kind of pretty, I think!

Click the photo to enlarge it and see the detail.