Thursday, January 8, 2009

Obama Metro Ticket

The Washington Metro is our subway and bus system. Here is the latest special edition metro ticket. The inauguration of Barack is going to be HUGE. I really want to go, but:

  • They've announced that all Virginia bridges going into DC will be closed.
  • They won't let people near the inauguration site until that morning, I think at 9 am.
  • The metro system is going to be completely overwhelmed.
  • Every road is going to be like rush hour times a hundred.
  • The best I'll be able to do is to see Obama in the far distance, a lot farther than I saw him at the rallies we attended.
  • It'll likely be very cold that day.
So maybe I'll just sit in my warm comfy living room and watch it on TV! We'll see, though. I may still change my mind.

Christmas Card from Far Away

Our friend Svetlana sent us this beautiful envelope from Russia. It contained the card you see below. Pretty, aren't they? I love getting Christmas cards in other languages, especially from people as nice as Svetlana!

My friend Ron from Australia also sent me a nice card, and that beats Russia for distance, but, you know, they speak English there...sort of. It's English, but with a funny accent. Or is it we that have the accent? I guess it depends on your point of view!

Christmas in the Caribbean!

Our dear friends Tara and Katie sent us this postcard from St. John in the Caribbean this Christmas. While it may not appear very Christmas-like to those of us in the far Northern Hemisphere, considering the utter lack of cold and snow, if you squeeze your eyes tight and look at the white sand, it can look like snow. If you do the same and look at the green parts, you can imagine them as Christmas trees. On the other hand, who cares? If you're in the Caribbean far away from the cold and ice, just enjoy yourself and forget your troubles! The only downside - coming back to the cold and ice afterwards!

Thanks, Tara and Katie. I look at this postcard whenever I want to dream of going back to the balmy Caribbean.

From the Comics Section

Loved this:

Person 1: Your newspaper gives too many viewpoints. I-Bot lets me custom design my info to fit my narrow world view. I can go through life without ever encountering ideas that challenge my perceptions.

Person 2: Won't that just dumb people down?

Person 1: Not according to anything I've read!

Isn't this the problem with most people? We want to see everything through our own narrow world view and not want to consider the other person's view!