Saturday, September 6, 2008


My wife and I decided to go to a local Oktoberfest party in Herndon last night. After we got there, though, we realized it was just a dinner being put on my a German restaurant with a traditional German band.

We took some pictures and then went home to watch Monk. :-)

Celebrating...A Separation!

Today we braved the weather to go The Old Brogue, an Irish restaurant in Great Falls, to celebrate our friend Gina's newly forged, contractual celebration from her husband. Suffice it to say without going into details that this was a real cause for celebration!

Water, Water Everywhere...

Today here in the DC area we got the remnants of Hurricane Hannah.

We had torrential rain and wind.
In the first two photos you can see one of the trees near our house that lost one of its branches.

In the last two photos, you can see a fence, part of which is completely underwater.

Hurricane Gustav, Hurricane Hannah and Hurricane Ike...Hannah and Her Brothers!

My Friend Davide in Italy sent me this photo from the area where he and my sister it!!