Saturday, March 14, 2009

One of My Favorite Bands

Several year ago I attended a conference in Nashville, Tennessee. While there, we went out one evening to Printer's Alley to a blues club. The house band playing was Stacy Mitchart and Blues You Can Use. To say that they rocked the place would be an understatement. We were all on our feet dancing. They were fantastic! Before going home, we went back. It was Halloween and the place was so much fun and once again Mitchart made it fantastic. I bought a couple of his CDs and have listened to them a lot since.

Last year I was back in Nashville and looked them up. They are now the house band at BB Kings, a step up. I got a seat near the stage and once again loved them. I got on their mailing list hoping to find that one day they would tour near DC.

While in Orlando this week, I got an email from them telling me where they were touring right now and lo and behold, they were going to be playing one night in Orlando the very next evening. I got five of my friends to join me and we went to see them at BB Kings in Pointe Orlando. All agreed that they were fantastic.

By the way, Stacy is a GUY! :-)

Here's his website:

By the way, I spoke to Stacy during a break and he said he was going to be in DC in May to perform on XM Radio. He told me there'd be room for about 50 attendees. I hope to make it.

You can see my entries from when I saw Stacy and his band in Nashville:

As Seen at the Airport...

When I arrived at my local airport the other day to go on a trip, I took this photo of a bunch of clothes piled up near a trashcan. Can you guess why?

I'm pretty sure it's because the individual's suitcase was just a little too heavy and the cost of the clothing was less than what the extra fees would have been for the overweight luggage. What do you think?