Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Starbucks and Blowers

So there I was on my way to two destinations. First, I needed to drop my dog off at the groomer's and then I needed to see an important potential client. Stopping for my morning Starbucks coffee, I noticed the place was a little more crowded than usual and the barristas were a little more rushed than usual.

Of course, it had to happen. The cup top wasn't on very tight, probably because the barrista was rushed, and no sooner did I get in the car and go for a sip than coffee spilled on my pristine white shirt! Oh, no!!! What to do? If I showed up at the client site with a coffee-stained shirt, they surely would have me kicked out!

So I brought my dog to the groomer and asked if I could use their bathroom to wash my shirt. She said she was sorry but the bathroom was not for the public. I gave her my sob story, how I was going to meet the client and millions (OK, hundreds maybe) was riding on my wearing a clean shirt and I didn't have time to go home and change. She acquiesced and allowed me into the bathroom where I proceeded to wash my shirt with soap and water while still wearing it. I got it clean, finally, but now I was faced with a very wet shirt and not enough time before seeing my client for it to dry.

I saw one of the nice groomer ladies holding a wicked-looking hair dryer, obviously for use on large hairy wet dogs. I asked her if I could use it to dry myself and she said it was expensive and couldn't let a customer use it.

"But, " she then said, "while I can't let you blow yourself, I can blow you if you like." My right eyebrow raised à la Spock, I slowly said, "OK..." and put my arms out so she would have full access shirt. She then realized what she said, gave me a smile, and proceeded to "blow me" with the hair dryer. It was quite an experience. It felt like those big blowers in the car washes. I felt as if I was in a wind tunnel! I had to brace myself so as to not fall over!

Ah, but in the end...I was dry as a bone! Thank you, nice groomer lady!