Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ferragosto Picnic at Great Falls Park

Today we attended the Ferragosto picnic. Ferragosto is an Italian holiday celebrated every year on August 15 because this is the day that Catholics believe that Mary, Jesus' mother, was brought up to heaven, still alive and in her body. But during Ancient Roman times, this date was also celebrated to honor the Goddess Diana. The holiday takes its name, in fact, from the ancient Roman name of Feriae Augusti. Most Italians take the whole month of August as vacation, except for essential personnel (and some of them disappear too!). The cities empty out, many stores stay closed, and everyone flocks to the beaches and the mountains, both prime vacation spots in Italy, which is both mountainous and full of beautiful beaches.

Here in the States, of course, many of us work way too hard and hardly take any time off from work. So a couple of local guys took it upon themselves to have a Ferragosto picnic last year and this year. Last year there were more people; this year it was sparsely attended, as you can see. However, you can see what a beautiful place Great Falls park is. Ivana and I brought our dog and our Italian friend Yvette. Our dog loved being at the park as he usually does when he's surrounded by the wonderful smells of nature, the stinkier the better!

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