Sunday, November 9, 2008

Steve's Leaf-Raking Party

Today my friend Steve had a leaf-raking party! Most of us brought rakes and removed all the leaves from his leaf-laden property. It was a beautiful warm fall day, and the leaves were in fact falling! Look at them fall in the second video below.

Steve had prepared some wonderful chili (which disappeared in an hour!), delicious stew and a table filled with other delicious foods. There was plenty of beer and sodas too.

Steve is one of the nicest, smartest (he won on Jeopardy and on Win Ben Stein's Money), he throws a mean frisbee and is a great 3D Animator. However, it's his great personality and loyalty that wins us friends over and make us willing to help him out whenever he needs it, just as we are sure he would do the same for us.

Thanks, Steve, for a fun day!

More photos? Click here!