Sunday, November 30, 2008


Here's mom today playing ti vit (in Sicilian this means I saw you), a card game, with family friend Giuseppe (same name as mine).

Mom is an avid reader and loves doing puzzles, so you can see the Maxi Puzzle book that she has been enjoying and also the yellow book, La Prima Indagine di Montalbano, which contains several novellas written by Camilleri.

Mom Cuts Her Cake While Klaus Watches

Here she is! Her jaw still hurts so she's still not able to wear her dentures, but she's a happy camper! I spoke with her today on the phone and her spirits are very high.

Notice in the second photo Klaus, one of Sally and mom's two dogs, watching attentively on the bottom right.

Klaus is part German Shepherd and was born around Christmas so Sally named him after Santa Claus. He is a real sweet guy and he is ecstatic that mom is home. He jumps up and down like crazy every time he sees mom. When he sees Sally bringing breakfast upstairs to mom, he walks ahead of her and pushes open mom's bedroom door and starts kissing her!

When my sister helps mom out of her chair into a standing position so she can practice walking with her walker, Klaus runs all around, worried that mom will fall or that she might get hurt.

Whoever says animals don't have emotions is insane!