Monday, March 3, 2008


I'm in Nashville for two days doing consulting work at a government agency - a real nice, smart group of people! It's a pleasure to work with them.

Another pleasure I had last night: the weather was beautiful so I decided to walk around for a while to wake up and get a little exercise. Several years ago, I had spoken at a conference on the outskirts of Nashville and a couple of times in the evening we had come into town to go to Printer's Alley, where there are a lot of great blues and other music clubs. We had a great time back then listening to a great blues guy called Stacy Mitchhart.

As I walked around, lo and behold, I found out that my hotel is only 2 blocks from Printer's Alley! I then discovered that Stacy was playing last night at BB King's Blues Club. I was psyched and decided that's where I would have dinner last night. Stacy and his band played three sets, but I was only able to stay for the first set because of work deadlines I had to meet last night, but what a great time I had watching this band in action! Man, they are phenomenal. Catch them if you can! Click on the pics and videos to get a little glimpse for yourselves. MORE VIDEOS COMING AS SOON AS I CAN EDIT THEM DOWN TO UNDER 100Megs, the limit here on Blogger.

More photos on my Flickr page. Click here to see more pics of Nashville and Stacy.