Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Dinner Among Friends

Tonight I had dinner with Marc Lee and Steve Gannon at the Blue Star restaurant here in Colorado Springs. Both are very experienced e-learning developers and freelancers who live here in Colorado. I know both by reputation and I've met Steve at previous conferences. We had a very lively and informative conversation over a really good dinner.

Trading war stories from our industry was a lot of fun but we also found ourselves sharing ideas on how to survive and thrive more in this crazy world we call e-learning. Great guys!

This painting was in the restaurant directly in my field of vision and I found it very interesting. It has perspective, it has elements that keep you guessing. What is the couple saying or doing? Are they parting ways? Are they about to dance? Overall, interesting.

Harry Potter and I are still in Colorado Springs

It's my second day teaching in Colorado Springs at TBCON and I just finished teaching today's session. I have two more tomorrow. I spoke on When Things Go Horribly Wrong - How to Save Your e-Learning Project today. It was well received. I also demonstrated a product called Captivate 3, which was just released. It also made attendees jaws drop!

Sunday evening after I arrived I had dinner with my friend April Miller. We ate at Jose Muldoons, a local Mexican restaurant that was pretty doggone good. She asked me if I was reading the last Harry Potter book and I confirmed that I was. She had already finished it and I was only halfway through and she was dying to discuss it with me but was a good friend and didn't spoil it for me. I finished it this morning and really enjoyed this book. I think it was the best of the bunch but I tend to read fast so I'm not sure I remember how much I liked each prior book, just that I enjoyed them all. Next time I get to talk with April, we can talk Harry and compare notes!

I'm in Colorado Springs

I arrived here yesterday to attend and teach at a conference (TBCON) for three days. Tonight, I drove up to Old Colorado City nearby and saw a great lightning storm in the distance. I happened to catch a lightning bolt with my camera!

At one point it started to pour but it was short-lived. The sky looked amazing, though, especially with the mountains in the background.

I also came here last year. You can see photos I took of the Garden of the Gods, Manitou Springs, and other areas by clicking HERE. There is some glorious landscape around here. Take a look for yourself!