Monday, August 6, 2007

Letter to Washington Post Magazine

Last week the Washington Post Sunday Magazine started a new feature called Second Glance which is just a new take, using Photoshop, on the old "spot the differences" idea. I enjoy these kinds of puzzles. This week's was hard, though! So I sent a letter to the magazine editor this morning:

I am enjoying the new Second Glance page in the Washington Post magazine but I object to the new technology you must be using. How is it that I can look at a part of the bottom photograph and, when I look at it the same exact spot of the bottom photograph a few seconds later, it has changed? Whatever technology you are using to constantly change the minutiae of the photograph is remarkable but unfair. How are we supposed to keep track when the photographs themselves are morphing? Please don't blame my 47-year-old eyes; it has to be some new breakthrough in printing that allows for this level of difficulty! You guys are sadistic!