Saturday, March 22, 2008

What's Good About New York City?

The food! For breakfast, my cousin provided us with bagels and because it was close to St. Joseph's Day (and my name is Joe, as is true of many men in my extended NYC family), sfinges and zeppolis. Yum yum yum!

Oh, one other thing...yum!!

Saved....From Nuclear Radiation!

Found on the school I attended as a child...a very large cross and a fallout shelter. They have both your body and soul covered!

How to Give Up Caffeine

This is from Scott Adams' book called Stick to Drawing Comics, Monkey Brain! He's the guy who does the Dilbert comics:

If you want to give up caffeine, here's what you do. Sit in a chair for a while and stare into space. Then keep doing that forever because life has no meaning.

Somehow that makes sense to me.

Detroit Airport is Cool

Michigan is one of the seven states that I have not yet visited outside the airport. I need to get there and do it right, but for now, I have seen the airport and liked it. It's well laid-out, not too big, and it has this cool tram you see here that is open on the terminal side so you can see it easily, perched up high just like those choo-choo trains that are often seen up high in supermarkets or toy stores. Kind of cool. Can you see where I stopped? Oh, some of you know me well. Yes, look at the green sign.

Stuck in Rochester, Aftermath

This is a picture from inside the airplane, facing the terminal. So as you can see, I made it out. Minnesotans know how to get planes flying in the winter, otherwise they would be able to fly only 3 months out of the year (haha). The plane I was on got in late by half-hour. Just before the plane arrived, they plowed the runways. Because it was snowing, they really couldn't let too long a time pass between plowing and landing otherwise the roads would be slick again. They also had to turn the plane around quick so as soon as people were off, they got us on, de-iced the wings, and got us out of there!

However, I only had a 50 minute layover in Detroit and our plane did get in almost a half-hour late. Of course, I was seated in the back of the plane, so I was a bit worried, though I've learned to take all things in stride, especially while traveling. So when I got off the plane, I checked the monitors. My flight home was leaving on time and the gate was all the way at the end of another terminal! I ran like a banshee (do banshees run? don't know) and got to my gate about 10 minutes before departure. Once there, I found that my flight was...not yet there and was going to leave about 45 minutes late. Aahhh....well, at least I got my exercise. Still, it would have been nice if the monitors had shown the flight was leaving late instead of saying it was on time so that my psyche could have been more at peace with the universe.