Saturday, March 22, 2008

Detroit Airport is Cool

Michigan is one of the seven states that I have not yet visited outside the airport. I need to get there and do it right, but for now, I have seen the airport and liked it. It's well laid-out, not too big, and it has this cool tram you see here that is open on the terminal side so you can see it easily, perched up high just like those choo-choo trains that are often seen up high in supermarkets or toy stores. Kind of cool. Can you see where I stopped? Oh, some of you know me well. Yes, look at the green sign.

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Sadie Says said...

Did you see the cool fountain? the last few times I was there it wasn't working, but it's so cool when it is.

They also have this really cool tunnel that takes you over to the terminal with the small planes. It has these changing/glowing lights with sound effects--it's very relaxing, like you are underwater.

I really like this airport too. Before they fixed it up it was awful, but now it's nice.