Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bridal Show at the Dulles Expo Center

After the cat show (see below), Ofeliya wanted to go next door to the bridal show. I didn't try to pretend I was a potential groom, but all the vendors kind of assumed I was, which was kind of fun. The better news was all the free samples of catered food and wedding cake.

More photos and video? Click here.

Cat Show

Today my friend Ofeliya invited me to a cat show at the Dulles Expo Center. I'm not a huge cat person (Sorry, Ofeliya! Sorry, Noelle!) but this was an interesting show. Cats were being judged in different categories and lots of cat accessories were for sale. Yes, some of the cats were awfully cute.

For you cat people, you want more photos and video? Click here!

Is it Halloween ALREADY?

Yep, Halloween stuff is already on sale! I must have fallen asleep for a month or something.

Someone tell the retailers: it's only September 7th! If you buy these pumpkins now, I doubt they'll look very good by the time Halloween rolls around!