Sunday, October 19, 2008

Flying Home from Switzerland

Flying home from Switzerland - it's a long flight, almost 10 hours. OK, I know some of you have been on longer flights, but, hey, this is my blog, so tough!

This is Reston Town Center in the photo taken by me as we were nearing Dulles Airport.

Hey, don't all the people look like ants? Hey, what people? I see cars!

More supercoolamundo photos taken from my flight can be seen by clicking here.

Riding the airport train between terminals in the Zürich airport is fun! Watch the video and look and listen for the following: 1) the Sound of Music (this is Switzerland, after all!), 2) the mooing of cows and cowbells, 3) about halfway through, the multiple plasma screens on the side of the tunnel that create the effect of a moving picture perfectly synchronized with the speed of the train, and 4) the sign at the end of the tunnel telling passengers that the mountains are 30 seconds away!

Flying Over the Alps...The Other Direction!

Flying early in the morning from Milan to Zürich was very beautiful. The sun was just peeking over the clouds and the Alps. I took some nice shots from my window.

You can see more photos by clicking here.

Mother and Daughter, Italian Style

This is my friend Cristina and her beautiful one-year-old daughter named Maty. Maty is a delight - not fussy, very cute, and ready to smile back when you smile at her. You can see Cristina and her husband are raising her right!

Cristina is a super-nice, smart and pretty Italian lady who I'm very happy to count as a friend!

The big tree you see here is old. Tradition has it that Napoleon had a special affinity for that tree.