Monday, September 24, 2007

My Car Has Hit Six Digits...Ah, They Grow Up So Fast

There it is...100,000 miles on my car. But she doesn't look a day over 90,000!

Braggart or Hybrid Evangelist?

I saw this in a parking lot today. Check out the license plate.

Living in Peace Side by Side

This is the scene just outside my office building, a FedEx drop box and a UPS drop box. Mortal enemies they be, yet in peace do they sit side by side.

Pray tell, then, why can't we humans do the same? Why must we always be in disharmony?

Perhaps the secret is in the timing. The FedEx rep comes at 6:30 pm according to the box while the UPS rep comes at 7:00 pm. Sometimes to keep the peace, messengers must be kept separated.

A Lunch With Friends

My dear friend Sabine (left) had her sister Antje (right) visiting from Germany for two weeks. Yesterday was her last day here before going home and Sabine wanted me to meet her sister so we went to my favorite Indian restaurant near my home, Banjara (highly recommended). So there we were, an Italian-American and two Germans eating in an Indian restaurant in Virginia. We spoke English and German while people around us were speaking Hindi (I assume).

We had a ral nice time, lots of laughs, and we enjoyed watching Antje eating Indian food for the first time in her life! She's very nice and I join Sabine in hoping she'll return for another visit soon!

My son camped out in front of Best Buy at the moment to get Halo 3

My son started waiting last night with some of his buddies, a couple of tents, a vidcam and a few other items as you can see. They will wait a total of 36 hours to be the first to get their hands on Halo 3! The doors at this Best Buy won't open until tomorrow morning at 10 am and they've been there since last night. Yowsers! That's dedication!

Update: Once they found out that Best Buy wasn't selling until 10 am, they checked around and found that Dulles Town Center Mall was going to start selling at midnight. Off they went, laptop and vidcam in hand! Matteo got home around 1 am. Today? Sleep and Halo.