Monday, October 6, 2008

Giorgia's Birthday Party

Giorgia has become a second sister to me and a first to my sister Sally. She is that dear a friend to us. We decided to throw her a birthday party last Saturday and invited several people. She is the sweetest person you could ever meet, bar none (even sweeter than I am!).

More fun photos and a video can be seen here!

Miniature House Show in Bibbiano, Italy

In Bibbiano, there was a show also of miniature houses. Built by hand with meticulous detail, they are real works of art.

A lot more of these photos can be seen by clicking here.

Bibbiano Aritisan Show

My sister's artisan work was proudly on display in Barco di Bibbiano this past weekend. Bibbiano is considered the birthplace of Parmesan cheese, so show some respect! My sister's works were among those of other artisan works, the best in the area. In the first photo, you see several dignitaries from the area, including the mayor of Bibbiano, the gentleman with the tricolor sash. (Mayors here wear the sash for official functions.)

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Uncle Attilio and Cousin Arianna

Here I am on the left with my sister Sally, my uncle Attilio and his daughter, my cousin Arianna, and my brother-in-law Settimo. Uncle Attilio and cousin Arianna came to visit from Friuli, an area in Northeast Italy, about five hours' drive from here.

More Photogenic Kitten Pictures

The kittens are still cute!

Oh, wonderful, wonderful, Matildic Territory!

I can't help it. Whenever I visit my sister, I can't help but want to take tons of photographs of the area in which she lives! It's just so beautiful! Aside from the rolling hills of green and vineyards, there's even a castle here and there just to spice things up! This whole area was ruled once by Countess Matilde so the area is called the Territorio Matildico. I've only put one photo from a large batch here but if you want to see more, click here!

Helping my Sister Teach at Fagioli Corp in Calerno, Italy

Last Thursday I helped my sister teach her class at Fagioli Corporation, a worldwide shipping company located in Calerno, not too far from here. I couldn't have hoped for a nicer group of students! The two ladies in the first photo were in the beginner's class and the other students are in the intermediate class. That's my sister posing with them in the photos in which I don't appear.

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