Saturday, August 11, 2007

Dinner with Old Friends

For lunch we had seen David and his family. David and I used to work at USI in the mid-90s. I also worked there obviously with others and, for those who know me, I obviously also made other friends besides David (because I'm a friendly guy...also humble!).

Two others of my very good friends from that time are Joel and Norman. From that time, we three and our families have met often, as often as we've been able, usually in one of our homes. Tonight, though, we had decided to dine at Mailbu Grill, a restaurant patterned after the Brazilian style of bringing meat to your table on a skewer and putting it on your plate. When you want meat, you turn a peg on your table so that the green side is up (see it on the table in the first photograph?). When you've had enough for now, you turn it so that the red part is up.

Norman and Myrel's two boys, Ben and Noah, are growing fast. Both are such happy boys! That must have something to do with their think?

As usual when we get together, we talk about issues, politics, work, there anything else in life? Oh, of course there is and we talk about those things too.

So today was a reunion of USIers...David and his family at lunch and Norman and Joel and families at dinner.

I am so lucky to have such good friends! And they are so lucky to have to have Ivana and me as friends...such humble, humble friends.

Lunch with Old Friends

Today Ivana and I met with our friends David and Norah and their beautiful family. David and I used to work together at Universal Systems Inc. back in the mid-90s, after which it became Integic and then part of Northrop Grumman.

While we've seen David on occasion in the last few years, including at my parties and as part of business meetings, we had not seen Norah in about 10 years! At the time, Leilani, their oldest, was just a baby and there were no other children. Now they have four gorgeous kids, each with a distinct and wonderful personality. The day was warm and really nice, the food was delicious and best of all was the company. Meeting David and Norah's kids and seeing Norah again and knowing David as we do, we are convinced that we will be getting together a lot more often!

My goodness, look at that smile!!!