Wednesday, February 25, 2009

You TOO Can See My Keynote Speech

Oh, yes, I know you're dying to see me in action, up on the stage, hundreds of adoring fans hanging onto every word that comes out of my mouth...haha.

Take a look if you like, but be kind with your comments!

Click here to see it.

More Friends in Orlando!

Here I am with Patti and Jeff. Patti and I have been friends for years and Jeff and I have been friends since he married Patti! They treated me to a really nice Italian restaurant in an area of Orlando called Portofino, patterned after the real Portofino in Italy.

Below you see a couple of shots of Portofino and a picture of me with the accordion player in the restaurant.

The last photo shows Jeff and I copping a feel from a young lady. She was a bit stonelike, but no matter!

In the restaurant, a trio sang and played for us. I had them sing Happy Birthday in Italian for my wife, who was stuck back in cold Virginia, poor thing!

Listen to them sing in the videos.

My New Friends

This lovely couple are Luana, originally from Brazil, and her husband Giovanny, originally from Columbia. Don't they make a lovely couple? We met at the conference at which I spoke last week in Orlando and we have become fast!

As Seen In Orlando...

A black horse and a white unicorn. Are they dancing? Are they about to fight? Are they using sign language to communicate? What do you think?

Who Drives This?

I saw this parked at the hotel where I stayed in Orlando last week. With the sun shining on this beauty, I could see it a mile away!

What a lovely shade of...purple?