Monday, July 21, 2008

Mom is Not Improving was not a good day for hoping for mom's recovery. The head doctor at the new hospital said he's not convinced that mom has the Herpes virus because the test for the virus results in many false positives and it is so rare for the elderly to actually have it.

The cortisone had helped, it seems to me, in that they stopped it yesterday and she was back to not being able to communicate or move again. She only tried to say things a few times today to us and each time it was hard for her to get any words out.

Part of the reason for that, I think, is the side effect of the cortisone. Her face is very swollen and perhaps her tongue as well and it's hard for mom to talk.

I'm seriously thinking of prolonging my stay here. The doctors are doing another MRI today and will have complete results on Wednesday. I was supposed to take trains up to Z├╝rich Thursday and then fly out Friday, but I may stay longer to see if the diagnosis changes with the MRI results and if that means a treatment with visible results in a few days.

Here's hoping...