Monday, February 4, 2008

Atlanta Happenings

Tonight I had the pleasure of having dinner with my friend Katya here in Atlanta. We met a couple of years ago at a conference and have stayed in close touch ever since. That's her in the photos. She's a real cutie, isn't she? She also comments frequently on my blog and I on hers.

Speaking of Katya's blog, quite a good one, that you can find here:

We ate at The Vortex, a place that Katya had heard about before and had always wanted to try. It is well known here for its burgers and there are only two of them, one of them in midtown where we dined, and one downtown.

Believe it or not, this is the first time that Katya has ever had chicken wings! She liked them!

The Vortex is in a wonderfully offbeat neighborhood. I took photos to share with you all. The first two are of the Vortex.

The Junkman's Daughter was a fun-looking place and you got to love the artwork outside.

Same goes for The Psycho Sisters. It's a name that just says "Come on in and we'll treat you right...or perhaps we'll kill you!"

I also like this one-stop shop. I figured if ever I needed some psychiatric care, my back fixed, and my teeth done while my kid gets a check up, this would be the place!