Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Update on Mom

This is my mom a couple of years ago with Chiara, my cousin. For the last few days, my mom has shown some slight improvement. Sunday was much like Saturday - she was very talkative but didn't say much that made sense.

Monday she slept quite a bit. Yesterday and today she has been awake but has spoken much less, and when she does it's tough to understand because she is not speaking very clearly. We have been showing her photos from her life and ours, have been talking with her about a lot of things to try to trigger her memories but at this point she still only seems to remember her name and her place of birth.

The doctors still can't figure out what's causing all this - it's very frustrating. I'm ready to wring some necks but I don't think that will do much good - in fact, wringing a doctor's neck may just get me barred from the hospital. Of course, the doctors are doing their best but I can't believe that there aren't other doctors who may not be able to tell what's wrong with my poor mom.

Thank you for all of your emails and your good wishes. They are much appreciated!

More Photos - A Castle!

These are from today. More photos can be found by clicking here.

More Photos from Casina

Here are more photos taken from my sister's car while driving back and forth from the hospital. You should especially click the first one to enlarge it so you can see the rainbow! More photos can be seen by clicking here.