Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More Photos - A Castle!

These are from today. More photos can be found by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

my best wishes to your mother and you.
I grew up with my grandmother, who lived to be 94, all in clear mind. But twice, when I was an adult, she became strangely sick. The second time was more like a mini stroke and she had to take time to recover from it. But the first one was most mysterious. It happened just two months after my daughter was born, so I was home to take care of her. My grandmother became sick, none-responsive, and all she will do just lay in bed, not even talking. I had to feed her, wash her and open the windows to let her breathe the fresh air. It was pretty scary. Doctors could not find anything wrong with her, but proposed many medications which could possible help. My mother, being a doctor herself, refused giving the medications without diagnosis, so we stack to the simple routine of feeding, turning, washing and opening the windows. We were so lucky - in four months she came back and became her usual self.
So, I guess, my point is, that the old age has its own tricks, just keep your hopes and confidence.
Best luck,

Joe Ganci said...

Thank you, Joe. You give me hope! Who knows what may happen? I just wish I could stay here for sure until such a time when I see real improvement, maybe even forever. Now that I realize mom is mortal, I want to spend every day with her for the rest of her life. Unfortunately, life's demands are such that I need to return home in one week.

Joe Ganci said...

Sorry, I meant Olga in my last comment! Thank you, Olga!