Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pet Expo

Ivana and I went to the pet expo at the Dulles Expo Center yesterday. People were allowed to bring their dogs into the center and there were a lot of them (people and dogs!). We didn't bring ours was because we were en route to DC to see the cherry blossoms and have dinner with friends.

You can see more photos here:

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Our Guinea Pigs

Once again, another episode of Guinea Pig theater. That's Nibbler on the left, Quibbler on the right i the first photo. They love romaine lettuce, carrots and celery. They also like hay and other stuff. The cage they're in was made by me after I went to Home Depot and bought a large thick plastic bin and other supplies.

They now have grown pretty big. That blue igloo that they like to sleep in was at one time too heavy for them to lift but now they can easily. They also trust us now and will sit for an hour on my shoulder while I work at my desk. Quibbler now will actually touch his nose to my face a lot, as if he's hunting for buried treasure, but it feels as if he's being affectionate. Who knows? You can see a lot more photos (I know you're dying to see more, haha):

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