Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More Friends in Orlando!

Here I am with Patti and Jeff. Patti and I have been friends for years and Jeff and I have been friends since he married Patti! They treated me to a really nice Italian restaurant in an area of Orlando called Portofino, patterned after the real Portofino in Italy.

Below you see a couple of shots of Portofino and a picture of me with the accordion player in the restaurant.

The last photo shows Jeff and I copping a feel from a young lady. She was a bit stonelike, but no matter!

In the restaurant, a trio sang and played for us. I had them sing Happy Birthday in Italian for my wife, who was stuck back in cold Virginia, poor thing!

Listen to them sing in the videos.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Joe, Loved your pictures of the exhibit on the other post and this is great having videos from the restaurant....made me feel like I was there with you....I love restaurants that give the feeling of being in another place....

Have a good day...

Mary (delimom)