Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Harry Potter and I are still in Colorado Springs

It's my second day teaching in Colorado Springs at TBCON and I just finished teaching today's session. I have two more tomorrow. I spoke on When Things Go Horribly Wrong - How to Save Your e-Learning Project today. It was well received. I also demonstrated a product called Captivate 3, which was just released. It also made attendees jaws drop!

Sunday evening after I arrived I had dinner with my friend April Miller. We ate at Jose Muldoons, a local Mexican restaurant that was pretty doggone good. She asked me if I was reading the last Harry Potter book and I confirmed that I was. She had already finished it and I was only halfway through and she was dying to discuss it with me but was a good friend and didn't spoil it for me. I finished it this morning and really enjoyed this book. I think it was the best of the bunch but I tend to read fast so I'm not sure I remember how much I liked each prior book, just that I enjoyed them all. Next time I get to talk with April, we can talk Harry and compare notes!

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Sadie Says said...

Harry Potter and Captivate! What a combo. I'm looking forward to seeing the latest HP movie too. AND buying captivate. I'm signed up for a webinar about it on August 29th--can't wait for my jaw to be dropped.