Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Olive Garden...Real Italian Food?

My wife and I do not eat at the Olive Garden, though sometimes I have been dragged along to a lunch with colleagues. When I do end up there, I only eat the salad because everything else I tried just doesn't cut it to my Italian taste buds! Sorry, Olive Garden lovers, but try going to Italy and eating real Italian food and you'll never be able to go into Olive Garden again (except for maybe the salad).

Take a look at this video on YouTube, taken originally from MadTV! It's funny, though I don't know too many Italians under the age of 60 that have racist views anymore. Focus on the Italian food comments...funny stuff!

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ericka said...

I love that video...very funny.
It's true...OG isn't really Italian. There is only a dish or two I sort of like, the salmon dish & the pork filletino. But most of my italian friends would never even eat there. It is not authentic italian cuisine. I am mexican so the only real mexican food is at my home or mexico ;-(