Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Italian Meetup at Il Fornaio

Tonight we had our Italian meetup for the first time at Il Fornaio restaurant in Reston. I had not been there since the blessing of the ovens before they opened. (See my August 22 blog.)

There were nine of us there that night, including Daria and Chris and me (in the photo). This was Daria's first time. She's from Rome. Chris is American but speaks Italian like a native because he's lived most of his life there. We both attended the American School of Milano, Italy, but at different times, so we didn't know each other there. Chris and I met last year during our high school reunion in NYC. Yes, we went to high school in Milano but the reunion was held in NYC because most alumni are here in the States or elsewhere in the world. It was the first ever reunion and included any alumni who wanted to come. It was a great success with about 300 attendees. There will be another one next May in Miami.

Anyway, back to the meetup. Thank you to David, the Il Fornaio manager, for treating us so well! He got us a table in the private room, which was a lot more quiet than the rest of the restaurant. He also gave us free pizza appetizers (yum).

More photos can be seen here.

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