Thursday, October 18, 2007

Interesting Facts About Spiders

This is very funny! However, language is not for the kids, so go lock them in the closet for a while! (Joking, don't lock your kids in closets. They can make a mess in there.)


Sadie Says said...

I love this--it went around quite a bit here recently. Hinterland Who's Who is a fond memory for us Canadian kids who grew up in the 70's. Did you get these television spots too? (obviously those ones were a little less interesting than this one, though. haha)

Joe Ganci said...

I don't remember Hinterland specifically, just these kinds of programs. What makes this clip hilarious is the fact that the narrators sounds so much like the nature documentary narrators with whom we were raised. The last line especially had me in stitches!