Friday, November 30, 2007

Italian Nativity Scenes

In Italy, the presepio, or Nativity Scene, is an integral part of Christmas in the home. This is my aunt's presepio in the round. Click on the photo to see more detail and all of the characters and objects. Nice, huh?

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Joe said...

Now that is a nativity scene. Ours seems so tiny by comparison. I love all of the detail. Has your family ever considered going into the model railroad hobby?
I have to wonder, how long does it take your aunt to get the layout to her satisfaction? It is a sign of her faith and devotion that she puts that much time into something that intricate.
She must have a lot of attic space to store all of the pieces without breaking anything.
Do you have something similar at home, or does all of your travel time get in the way of such things?