Wednesday, December 5, 2007

First Snowfall of the Year!

Yep, today was the first snowfall we've had here at home this year. Pretty, isn't it? Of course, it doesn't do much for traffic but as long as we don't have to drive too far, it sure is nice to look at!


Joe said...

It sure beats looking at dead grass and empty trees! We got a doozy of a snowfall here, which made travel a nightmare for a while. I think we got hit by the same Colorado low.
The way I see it, you can complain about the weather, or you can plan around it and just enjoy the benefits to the scenerey.

Laura said...

Is that Bigfoot's foot prints under the arbour?

Joe Ganci said...

Bigfoot again. That guy has been coming around way too often. I keep putting out traps but he just walks gingerly around them. Sigh.