Monday, February 25, 2008

Getting Older...Getting Better

One really cool thing about getting older is that I care less now, sometimes not at all, about what other people think of my tastes in music, movies, or anything else. Last week I had a friend and her two kids, a young lady of 16 and a young man of 21, in my car. The mom and daughter were enjoying the music I was playing in my car, Green Day's "American Idiot", and the young man criticized the song as a bunch of whiners. I laughed! Who cares what other people think of the music I like? As my friend Doug, a true audiophile if I ever met one, told me once, "Music is a personal thing. Nobody can tell you not to like music you like."

I'm only 47 and peer pressure is no longer an issue. I guess when I'm 80, I'll be one of those cranky ones that tell everyone else what to do. When I turn 120, watch out, I'll be impossible to deal with!


Laura said...

Easy for you to laugh in the face of seniors at the age of 47. I'm 51 and was identified as a "Senior Citizen" twice yesterday. The first was an out-of-work-actor waiter, so I didn't worry about it. The 2nd time, I was a little more concerned, but was awarded a senior discount into the Home Show.

I don't know what I will be doing when I'm 100 years old, but I know for sure that I'm celebrating my 55th birthday at Dennys!



Joe Ganci said...

And I'll be there to celebrate with you!