Thursday, February 14, 2008


Here I am in frigid Rochester, Minnesota, where I'm teaching a class at the Mayo Clinic and where the temperature is like a hundred below zero...OK, it's only about negative five and when the wind kicks up, it's about -25 with the wind chill factor.

These are my friends (and students) Cheryl and Jeanine. Cheryl and her husband Brian like to hold hands while walking out on the frozen tundra so she ordered these interesting mittens called "smittens" in "love"....being smitten with someone. As you can see, each person has a normal mitten and then there's another mitten that they both use at the same time. You can see the close-up below. Interesting, eh? She said she ordered them from Smittens are hand-made in Seattle, Washington. Thank you to my hand models Cheryl and Jeanine!

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Joe said...

My mother actually knitted a pair of these things (or should that be trio) for my wife and I. They all have lettering on the back. One says yours, the other says mine, and the mutual one says ours.

It's a nice romantic idea, but not always practical. It's hard to carry anything or get out your keys to open doors.