Sunday, May 18, 2008

Seen It, Done That, Been There (Thoughts on Getting Older)

It's interesting how age adds wisdom but also boredom. We all know the formula for a good romantic comedy.

1) Boy meets girl.
2) Boy gets girl.
3) Boy loses girl.
4) Boy gets girl back again.

(Yes, I know it sounds very one-sided, but that's the formula, folks!).

So how many romantic comedies can you see before they start to seem like movies you've seen before? How many TV situation comedies can I see before I start to recognize plots from I Love Lucy and The Honeymooners?

More and more, I love originality but it's harder and harder to find because there are only so many ways that people relate to each other and even fewer ways to write about them in ways that are unique. So...horror movies seem less horrifying, comedies are less comedic, and so on. When I happen upon something new and different, wow, I love it!

The same thing happens with music. I have lost count of the number of times that my kids heard a song on the radio played by a modern band and commented what a great new song it was. Except...the song is older and has already been covered by other bands. Tonight my son and I saw Smash Mouth in concert. Remember them from 10 years ago? More on them in my next blog entry. Of course they have many of their own songs but one of the most popular on the night, very well played and sung, was I'm a Believer. It was written by Neil Diamond. Since 1966, these are the bands and singers that have recorded the song, starting with The Monkees:

Does this make it a good song? YES! It has been very popular for 42 years and counting. It has not been unique since The Monkees first sang it, but it's still very good! Of course, it's a 4-minute song and we all know how we can listen to the same song over and over, but if it's a novel or movie it's disappointing when we recognize the plot because of the time it takes to digest the novel and even the movie. We've all heard and probably uttered the phrase, "There go two hours of my life I won't get back!"


Rachael said...

Wow that sure is a lot of people who have recorded that song! I was a Monkee fan back in the day....and it was Neil Diamond who had written the song.

I totally agree with you about your kids and the music. I went through that myself about 10 years ago....a friend of my son during that time told me he heard to best music ever, have I heard it? So he plays it and it is the Beatles White Album no less! lol Led Zepplin was another one as I recall that someone thought was new. Lol

Joe Ganci said...

Yes, it's amazing how old has become new again. I find some comfort in the fact that my music tastes and that of my kids overlap so much!

Rachael said...

Same here. Guess it's true rock n roll never dies, as Neil Young has said in song. My sons were into alternative music at the time, when Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Green Day, etc. was infusing the landscape with their freshness. I'd say rock needs a good shot in the arm about now, again, enough of this rap and hip-hop. Ah well, I suppose the generation gap is rearing its' head with that statement, he-he.

Joe Ganci said...

Pickings are slim, but there is some good stuff out there. Check out Brandi Carlile's "The Story". Dido is still good. I like Natasha Bedingfield. Duffy sounds good. I don't know the group Buckcherry but it sure sounds as a take-off on Chuck Berry! Maybe I'm just getting back into pop music. Oh my God, shoot me!