Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Stopping for Coffee

On the way to the hospital today, Sally and I stopped at one of our favorite coffee shops for cappuccino. You may remember this from my travels here last year - this is the place where the world-famous Diana makes the best coffee ever and adds art work, as you see here. (Sorry the coffee is a little out focus!)

Diana consented to have her photo taken with me. Wasn't that nice of her?

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1 comment:

Sadie Says said...

Now that is a place I'd like to visit!

I'm so glad you have your sister there--and I'm sure she's very happy to have you as well. It makes all the difference if you have someone to help you through this.

Your mom may not know exactly who you are, but i"m sure she knows you are important to her. When my mom was in the hospital, sometimes she would introduce me as her "friend" to the nurses, but she always lit up when she saw me. Even if she had forgotten what our relationship was, she knew it was an important one. I'm sure its the same with your mom.