Friday, August 22, 2008

Good Judgement or Judgment?

I spoke at a conference this week (it went really well!). There was an exhibit hall as usual and in it an exhibit with the banner above. I looked at it for a moment and spoke with the person manning the booth. After a few minutes of talking, I asked him if he knew that the word judgment was misspelled on his banner (and in their website URL). He expressed surprise and was incredulous. I then said he could check in Microsoft Word. He typed in the word, checked spelling, and sure enough it indicated the word was misspelled and should be spelled judgment. His shock was something to see! Apparently I was the first person to notice this after all the time they had been in business. He then said that the person who had come up with the phrase and name of the company was Dutch. "Ah," I said, "Maybe it's the British spelling!" I suggested he switch to the British dictionary. He did, and the word was accepted! I told him then that although his company is American, he had an out: "Well, we believe in using the Queen's English!"

By the way, this word has always bothered me because I used to misspell it as well. Judgement just looks more correct than judgment to me. However, I don't make the rules!

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Anonymous said...

How would you press a button if you are "available but need a moment to come to the phone, or if you are not available at all?

Is this for real?