Thursday, August 14, 2008

What is Temporary?

We moved here to Northern Virginia in 1986, right after college. The first place we lived was Reston, Virginia, where the company that hired me was located. They put us up in a furnished apartment for a month while we looked for a place.

At the time, I remember finding it curious to see a street named Temporary Rd. I wondered how long it would last. Well, it's been 22 years and it's still there. It's probably not going to go away anytime soon, as there are houses on that road.

So this begs the question, "What is temporary?" If you think about it, aren't all streets temporary? In a few millennia, all these streets will be gone, replaced with something so futuristic we probably can't imagine it right now.

So is this the only street name that is totally honest? Or was it meant to be temporary only to have it become not-so-temporary?


Anonymous said...

If I lived there, I would always be afraid of losing my way back home because i'm sure someone would see me and say, "Hey, there's a guy who can honestly say it's a wrong way to Temporary.
^_^ jim

Joe Ganci said...

Ouch, Jim, ouch!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

It really was meant to be a temporary road. Then people used it too much so they left it.