Monday, September 29, 2008

The Kittens Are Growing Up Fast

Since I was here in Italy in July and August, the three kittens have now become three cats, with one of them having been given away to another family. Both the kittens' mom and grandma have died in the interim, leaving here at the house the two kittens, quickly becoming cats, that you see here. They are so much fun to watch, constantly playing, jumping on each other, and so on, then resting their head on one another when resting.

If this keeps up, I might actually start liking cats! :-)


Anonymous said...

uh oh..why or should I say how did mom and grandma pass? love the last picture..caught in the act of being nice

Sadie Says said...

Oh my gosh! I'm heart broken over the mom and grandma. what happened? Or do I want to know?

But I must thank you for the lovely pictures of the babies :-)

Joe Ganci said...

Well, grandma died because she was very old - 20 human years. Mom died unfortunately because this is an area that is so overrun with animals that some people put out poisoned meat - sigh. It gets my family here so angry but the criminals who do this are very hard to catch.