Saturday, October 25, 2008

Obama Supporter?

Yes, yes, I am. I believe Barack Obama is the best hope we have to turn this country around and get us back on a firm footing. I believe that President Bush will be seen by historians as among the worst we've ever had. The reasons are many and I don't need to list them here - they have been written many times by many others.

I believe John McCain is too much like George Bush, agreeing with his policies 90% of the time. I believe the only presidential decision he has been able to make, the choice of a vice-presidential candidate, was very poorly made, leading to one of the least qualified vice-presidential candidates ever, especially when you consider McCain's advanced age and the lower probability that he will survive another four years without diminished capacity.

I have studied Barack's proposed policies and promises and agree strongly with him. I have also studied John McCain's and find myself dismayed by what he says, even when you take into account the number of times he has changed position. Obama has been consistent and he is a good man who will lead this country with honesty and wisdom.

I will apologize to nobody for my decision to support Obama and Biden. I take heart in the fact that the American people are starting to see through the lies and fear-mongering of McCain's people (Example: Obama is a Muslim terrorist! Obama's Christian pastor is a terrorist! Well, which is it? Is he a Muslim or is a Christian?).

On the other hand there are still too many racists in this country. Members of the ACORN organization have had their lives threatened and have had horrendously racist voice mails, laced with profanity, left on their voice mail. If you are not weak of stomach, you can see and hear what I mean by clicking here.

Please, look past your prejudices and ask yourselves whether you are really better off now than you were eight years ago, four years ago, even four months ago. If you really think George Bush was a great president, and if you do, you're one of the only 20% who still do, then by all means vote for John McSame and the totally unprepared and dangerous person who will take his place if he doesn't live another four years, Sarah Palin. If not, cast your vote for real change, wonderful change, and vote for Obama/Biden.

This is my blog and my opinion, based on real facts. If you disagree with me, write your own blog. If you wish to write negative comments, I will not post them. That's my right. You would just show me that you wish to attack me personally, because nobody else will see those comments. I don't want this to turn into a forum for racism and ignorance. If you are forward-thinking and ready for a change, you're welcome to post your comments here.


Anonymous said...

Joe, You make it out to be that anyone that doesn't support Obama is racist, which of course is obviously not a true reflection.

Joe Ganci said...

If I gave the impression that I was calling those who do not support Obama racists, I didn't do the best job writing my blog entry. Yes, obviously there are many who refuse to vote for a black man (or even someone who is half black, like Obama). Obviously too I am passionate about this election. I believe those who are not supporting Obama are not in full possession of the facts. Hence, my term ignorance, because ignorance means not knowing the facts. I am ignorant of a great many things in life - the game cricket, for example. We are all ignorant of a great many things. I don't think that we can afford not to be well-informed during this very important election. We have to turn things around in this country.

Did you know that fewer than 5% of Americans own a passport? It's surprising to me how people's horizons expand, literally, when they visit other countries.

Stefan van As said...

I agree President Bush had made some bad decisions, but I truly wonder whether historians will see him as the worst President in history. Who knows, 20 years from now, Iraq could be a modern, prospering democratic country and an example for the rest of the middle east. When that happens, people will say "hey, that Bush guy wasn't so bad after all". I do not see that happening in the next decade, though.

Joe Ganci said...

I agree with you, Stefan, however that is not the only reason. In fact, most Americans now are more preoccupied with the economy than with Iraq. The world is reeling now from the policies and deregulation that were implemented by Mr. Bush and his Republican colleagues in Congress which led us to the brink of another depression today. We have not seen drops in the stock market like these since 1929 and many people now are suffering, unsure how they will afford their next meal.

Add to that the long list of crimes that were committed by the White House in the last eight years (see Bob Woodward's books, among others), and not even a prosperous Iraq will save this president's reputation. Even John McCain and every Republican congressman running for reelection are trying to distance themselves from George Bush every chance they get!

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear that. I am Obama supporter too.
And I am so glad to hear that your mother is better. I tried to put a long comment on your blog when she was very sick, but could not manage it properly - it did not post. I hope this one will work.

cjw said...

WOW. If I was ever lulled into thinking things were better in terms of eliminating racism, your link to ACORN threats just blew that fantasy away.

What goes ON in these folks' minds??? How sick.

Joe Ganci said...

Things ARE better when it come to racism. Who would have thought that a black man would have a realistic chance at becoming president this year?

The racists are fewer and fewer and they hide behind anonymity (like the racists who left those voice mails) because they no longer can openly declare their racist attitudes. Society no longer finds it acceptable. That in and of itself is progress.