Monday, November 3, 2008

Obama HQ Again

Sunday before The Election. I spent another few hours helping out tat the campaign center near my house. I love these photos because they show human race - every color, every age, probably every religion. This is AMERICA. I wonder what the McCain offices look like?


Laura said...

I am an Obama girl, plain and simple. Except, to be honest, I have to tell you that it isn't as simple as all that.

I've been crazy about him since he wrote "Audacity of Hope," and personally hoped that he would run. I held my breath as he played footsie with the press, not acknowledging his intent. I watched even more breathlessly as he out-maneuvered the Clintons for the nomination. And I am in awe of him as he reinvents the mousetrap of campaigning. I believe that he is a breath of fresh air and truly will bring new ideas and ways of doing things to the White House.

This, above and beyond the fact that he really does understand the quandry of medical issues because of the unfortunate experience his mother had. I can relate to that.

But, and this is a big BUT, I went to a lunch a few weeks ago where almost everyone at the table were stridently McCain. It was really frightening. Not because I thought they would hurt me, because I knew that they wouldn't. But because I took the time to really listen to them, to really try to understand why their points of view were so different than mine, and why they even liked Sarah Palin who I knew of before her nomination (through animal rights groups) and abhored even then.

I was scared because their reasoning for not liking Obama were real and true and valid. Although I did not agree with their end opinion, I actually understood where they were coming from. As they would cite instance after instance things that they disliked Obama for, all I could helplessly do is say "that's fair." Because everything they cited was.

Did they change my mind? Not a chance. While I acknowledge how they could come to the conclusion that Obama is an arrogant upstart, I don't agree. I see their issues and think that if he had the chance to do the campaign again, he could have presented himself better, but I am more focused on the power of his words than the trappings of his settings.

Did I try to change their minds? I wouldn't disrespect them so much as to try. They were passionate and caring Americans. Their viewpoints were thought out and reasoned. They deserve the right to their opinions, even as I disagree.

Even so, I hope that Obama wins. It's time for change.

Joe Ganci said...

Thank you, Laura, yours is a very reasoned comment. Can you tell me what reasons they cited for liking Sarah Palin? So far the only things I keep hearing from McCain supporters is why they don't like Obama, not why they like McCain (outside of him being a war hero). I hear McCain on TV talking negatively about Obama but not really saying what he would do as President. I would have a lot more respect for him (and I *do* have respect for him) if he would talk a little more about himself and what he would do rather than why it would be a bad idea to vote for Obama.

Thanks again, Laura.

Laura said...

Thank you Joe. They thought that Sarah Palin was "cool" and understood blue collar middle class (she does). They felt that she was smart (maybe... probably), and unaffected by politics as usual (I'm not so sure myself; seems to me that she ran a political machine in Alaska).

Although not a single one would admit that she was not currently equipped to be President if necessary, they all felt that she would grow into the position and quickly.

Unfortunately, they were highly influenced by her personal style and mannerisms and were positively effected by her winking and smiling into the camera. They felt that she was communicating directly to them, "the people, the REAL people."

I did not press the point, but I don't think that any of them saw any of her interviews with news anchors, during which she performed dismally.

Actually, I'm going to personally revise my "maybe... probably..." response to whether she is smart or not to highly likely. I don't see high office in her future, but I'd bet my bottom dollar that before she is done, she will have a national television show and make a lot of money.

Laura said...

One last comment before I get off of my soapbox.

They liked McCain for his war-hero status. They were oblivious to the fact that it was 40 years ago and what have you done for me lately?

They seriously disliked Obama (some of them had started out on his side) because they felt that he had become arrogant and lost touch. Most of them were very offended by the last night of the Convention at Mile-High Stadium where, rather than hearing his words, they judged based on the setting and trappings which were calculated to make him seem God-like.

They never looked back or thought twice as they deserted him. He was "elite" and "full of himself." Frankly, when I think back on that night and look at it from their point of view, they were right.

And to them, everything he has said and done since then has confirmed their opinion.

I don't think they are as much for McCain as they are against Obama.