Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday - Goals for the Day

1. Finish writing my article on Raptivity for Learning Solutions magazine.
2. Go for a long walk - start getting in shape! I'm sooo out of shape.

If I get the above done, then:

3. Do some organizing in my office
4. Clear out my inbox.
5. See what else is on my long list!


Joe Ganci said...

I walked 45 minutes to the closest Starbucks and 45 minutes back today. I'm now trying to finish writing my article tonight. :-)

Katya said...

What did you get at Starbucks? Almost anything from there negates the walk it took to get there.

Laura said...

How about adding a trip through Los Angeles with a stop-over to visit Eric & me to your agenda?

Joe Ganci said...

I *will* be coming to visit in the spring. I will let you know more soon!