Saturday, July 28, 2007

Cave Tubing is Fun!

This year Ivana and I went on our first cruise together. We traveled to four ports of call in the West Caribbean. One of our stops was in Belize and we went cave tubing! It was fun and very dark in the caves. You can see we had little lights around our necks, but they didn't do much to illuminate the interiors of the caves. In some areas, the water was so shallow that our butts would scrape along the rocks under the water. In other areas, the water was so deep that it would have been over our heads had we gotten out of our tubes. The trouble is, we didn't know where the shallow water was and where the deep water was, so we stayed in our tubes! This was a relaxing experience (except for the butt scrapings) and it strikes me that I should work really really hard (even harder than I do now) to earn enough money so that I can go cave tubing in Belize anytime I want. Yeah, that'll happen!


Tom said...

Does your party know you're not anti-gun? Beware, you might just get kicked out. It's really okay to admit you're anti-gun. Just be sure to thank the guy who's carrying that saves you from a mugging or worse. ;-)

Joe Ganci said...

Smart aleck. I don't have a party, unless you mean the shindigs I hold at my house sometimes. If I end up voting for one party more often than not, it's because its members see the wisdom in agreeing with me.

I have voted for three parties (if you count independent) in my voting years. Before that, well, I didn't vote - what a slacker I was my first 18 years of life!

Oh, and I got mugged several times when I was living in Brooklyn. A fun experience!

By the way, I don't think you meant to post this comment on this post, but the other one about the sign in the 7-11 shop.