Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Bearemy gets fan mail!

As an avid reader of my blog (and there are millions of you, I know!), you may remember that back on Sept. 26th, my second-born son was camped out for a day and a night waiting for the release of Halo 3. He also is the one with a webcam in his room, through which his friends can see what he's doing on justin.tv. When he doesn't have his webcam with him, guess who takes his place? Yep, that's Bearemy above, visible through the webcam on my son's site.

Guess what? Bearemy got fan mail. We received the postcard you see below from someone on the West Coast, a real girl, apparently! Imagine that? No wonder Bearemy is smiling! She wrote: Dear Bearemy! I saw you like on the computer and I think you're like so cute! I [heart] you Beremy! The West Coast loves you! Much love from a fan! She also helpfully drew a very realistic picture of herself and of Bearemy!

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