Tuesday, October 9, 2007

An Italian Play...In DC!

Last Friday the stage play La Pensione Della Tranquillità was staged in DC. It was in Italian and was very funny. The play was written, directed and acted by La Compagnia di Teatro Sperimentale from the Abbruzzo-Molise area of Italy. They have been performing this play for about a year, primarily in Abbruzzo-Molise, but their last two performances were in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

After the performance, audience members interested were invited to the Alpine Restaurant in Arlington. We got to sit at the table with the playwright and he entertained us with stories of the troupe. One interesting tidbit: he surprised us with the fact that the actors had had a bit of a difficult time performing in Italian because they have performed it every other time in the Abbruzzo-Molise dialect of Italian. Most dialects of Italian are as different from Italian as Spanish is, so it was as if they were performing in a different language, though one in which they are quite fluent!

What a delightful evening it was!

See photos and video here: http://www.joeganci.com/usa/2007/pensione/index.htm

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