Friday, November 16, 2007

Follow Up to the Balloon Trip Across the Ocean

Regular readers of my blog, both of you, will remember the story I related back in June about the balloon trip across the ocean. To refresh your memory, click here:

As I knew I'd be coming back to Italy this week, I let the school know and they insisted that I come visit them to spend lunch with the kids and dinner with the parents and administrators. I'm going next week on Friday! Last week I sent a request to many of my friends asking them if they could provide some messages to the children of Modena who had sent the balloons. 62 of you responded and I compiled them, printed them, and will bring a bound copy to the kids next week. You can be one of the first to see the messages, though, by clicking below. If I do this again and you didn't contribute last time, consider doing it next time. It only takes a few minutes and it's a way to reach out your hands to another part of the world.

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Joe said...

Actually, this is a great way to meet new people. I've seen the expensive version of this done, where a person puts a disposable camera and return address in a large helium balloon and lets it go.
The person at the "crash site' then takes pictures of themselves and the area and ships the camera back. It's kinda like backpacking though foreign lands without having to get on a plane.
I hope the kids enjoy reading the letters that you have brought them, and take the idea of a global community away with them.