Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm in Milano, Italy!

OK, well I was in Milano a couple of days ago. (Now I am visiting mom and sis south of there above Tuscany.) My friends Irene, Garry and their son Arthur, who's seven, met me up in Milan. They live near me in DC but they were on separate flights. We spent the day going around Milano. Here I am reclaiming my right to my castle. The locals call it Castello Sforzesco, named after the ruling family Sforza in the Middle Ages, but they like to conveniently forget that the Sforzas left me their castle in their will. I've had central heating installed, satellite TV large HDTVs in every room, and I had the walls painted from that garish Middle Ages gray brick to bright pastels!

People keep walking in and out of the castle as if they think it's a tourist attraction. Time to pull out the cannons again!

Speaking of nostalgia (were we?), see the bench that I'm sitting on? Well, a few years ago when my wife and I were not yet married, we used to sit on this park bench behind the Castello Sforzesco and...uhm...chatted. Well, we used our lips, anyway. OK, we kissed, all right? For hours on end! There, I said it, I'm a kisser.

I look lonely there, don't I? Soon I'll be back home and I'll be kissing some more!

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